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      • 万博MANBETX客户端3.0不鏽鋼彎頭榮譽證書
      • 万博MANBETX客户端3.0不鏽鋼彎頭榮譽證書
      • 万博MANBETX客户端3.0不鏽鋼彎頭榮譽證書
      • 万博MANBETX客户端3.0不鏽鋼彎頭榮譽證書
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      Focus on the R & D and production of pipe fittings · Advanced production equipment
      Strong production capacity · Perfect after-sales service system
      • Valve fittings over the years focused on R & D and production
      • Professional focus on the petrochemical industry, shipbuilding industry, marine industry, paper industry, chemical fiber industry, food and beverage, pressure vessels, liquefied gases, machinery manufacturing and other industries
      A sound management system,
      leading production equipment
      • The company has advanced production technology and first-class
        testing equipment to ensure that each product 100% - qualified
        products, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system for
        production management.
      • CRM customer relationship management system, pre-sale, sale,
        after-sale rationalization to track production progress, to ensure timely
        delivery of goods.
      • Has a group of industry experienced team of experts
      • The introduction of imports of automated production lines
      • Customized products can be delivered in 7 days to ensure your project cycle
      A sound service system
      • Pre-sales: professional customer service one-to-one service ,
        7 * 24-hour free hotline.
      • Sales: 24-hour follow-up sales staff to help customers track the
        progress of project selection offer; efficient logistics;
        Zhejiang Province to ensure 24-hour on-time delivery.
      • Aftermarket: After-sales team to track customer needs, can provide
        on-site technical support .
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      • TEL:0577-86999677
      • FAX:0577-86823321
      • ADD:No.3227 yongqiang road, longwan district, wenzhou city, zhejiang province.
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